Custom Solutions
Cornerstone Restructuring LLC
Cornerstone develops customized solutions to minimize restructuring risk, shorten the
restructuring cycle and control the costs associated with the restructuring process. Key to this
is starting with the right approach.  The Firm's principals are focused on clearly defining an
engagement's scope of services and engagement team to suit the needs of every
restructuring/interim management situation.
Cornerstone's engagement management process
involves 4 key steps:

Step 1: Making Contact
Cornerstone's principals typically make contact with the
company or it's creditors, and/or their representatives to
discuss the business proposition and plan.

Step 2: Meetings with Management (Critical Stage)
Cornerstone's principals meet with key members of the
management team (and company investors and
lenders, if appropriate) to discuss the business
prospects and objectives of the parties-in-interest.  At
this stage, it is critical to understand the company's
liquidity (and the patience of it creditors).

Step 3: Initial Financial and Operational Assessment
Cornerstone's principals perform a "walk-through" to
make a preliminary assessment of the engagement
scope. This stage typically involves evaluating
management team needs, financial and liquidity
positions, competitive position and sustainability.  
Based on this assessment, Cornerstone will propose
an interim management/advisory engagement
customized to the needs of the company and/or

Step 4: Execution
Critical to the success of each engagement is the direct
involvement of Cornerstone's principals, who will
oversee execution and monitor progress against defined
milestones.  This commitment enhances the
effectiveness of the Firm's engagement experts and
ensures quality.
Proven Approach:

Cornerstone's principals have
been involved in some of the most
complex and challenging
restructuring engagements of
recent history.  The 4 step process
outlined was used in many of
these restructurings and proved to
be very effective.  
Dedicated Experienced

Cornerstone's principals will  
oversee all advisory
executed by the
Firm to ensure each client is
receiving the highest quality of

Cornerstone's proposals will
always include the credentials of
seasoned executives that will
be dedicated through the life of
the engagement.