Cornerstone Restructuring LLC
Engagement Teams

Cornerstone understands that choosing the "right" financial advisor/interim management is
critical to the success of the restructuring process and requires a high degree of trust and respect
among the various constituencies.

On every engagement, Cornerstone's objective is to be an active participant in the restructuring
process - setting strategy, sharing insight and assisting in the company's restructuring.

Cornerstone's principals have been retained in many of the largest bankruptcies and
restructurings in recent corporate history.  They have also provided expert testimony and valuable
litigation support services involving business valuations, going concern/solvency analyses,
corporate investigations, preferential transactions, etc.
Cornerstone's engagement teams are
structured to meet the needs of the
engagement in a cost effective and
efficient manner.
Each team will include
experienced restructuring professionals with
proven track records of successful
restructuring plan implementation.  Where
appropriate, Cornerstone will supplement
each team with seasoned executives with
the requisite industry, accounting, finance,
operations or strategic expertise required on
the engagement.
Cornerstone does not employ a "leverage"
Cornerstone's engagement approach
is to provide a small team of executives who
can manage existing company resources, as
appropriate, to meet the informational,
analytical and strategic needs of the
restructuring process.  If the need arises, the
Firm can supplement existing company
resources with appropriately skilled
executives. This approach allows the firm to
scale up or down to meet the specific needs
of each situation.
Cornerstone's engagement teams are designed to minimize execution risk, time to successful
restructuring plan implementation and cost to implement by ensuring the appropriate seasoned
executives are allocated to each engagement.